BAKED Cookies

A treat is a heated or prepared food that is normally little, level and sweet. It generally contains flour, sugar and some sort of oil or fat. It might incorporate different fixings, for example, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts, and so on.

In most English-talking nations aside from the United States and Canada, fresh treats are called rolls. Chewier bread rolls are some of the time called treats even in the United Kingdom.[3] Some treats may likewise be named by their shape, for example, date squares or bars.

Bread or treat variations incorporate sandwich scones, for example, custard creams, Jammie Dodgers, Bourbons and Oreos, with marshmallow or jam filling and once in a while plunged in chocolate or another sweet covering. Treats are frequently presented with refreshments, for example, milk, espresso or tea and some of the time “dunked”, a methodology which delivers more flavor from sweets by dissolving the sugars,[4] while likewise relaxing their surface. Manufacturing plant made treats are sold in markets, accommodation stores and candy machines. New prepared treats are sold at pastry shops and caf├ęs, with the last running from private Girl Scout Cookiesventure measured foundations to global organizations, for example, Starbucks.

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