What is spliffin?

Spliffin might sound like what you do when you roll some weed and tobacco up together in a joint, but it’s also the name of Electro420Vapes’ most recent addition to our masterfully-curated list of award-winning products. Spliffin carries super strains like Snozzberry OG, Helio Jack, and Dante’s Fire, and the Spliffin wax pen can come with either rechargeable battery packs or as disposable units. Discreet, lightweight, and portable, these pens come with a multitude of top-shelf concentrates like Spliffin Tangie, an uplifting Sativa, or Donna OG, the perfect sedating nightcap before bed. Want to go even higher? The Spliffin Maverick disposable pen is the latest and greatest in distillate technology. Each Maverick comes prefilled with .3ml of premium concentrate with over 80% THC and features next-generation vaporizer technology. They arrive fully charged and ready for liftoff! Crafted with stainless steel and tempered glass, each Maverick measures around 4 inches in height and is available in Dante’s Fire (Indica) and Super Spliffin Haze (Sativa) strains. Stylish, effective, and small enough to slide into a pocket or handbag, a Spliffin disposable pen or a rechargeable battery pack is just what you need to discreetly medicate anywhere, anytime. Get yours today from Electro420Vapes

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