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STIIIZY is a sleek, modern vaporizer that lets you access your medicine anytime, anywhere. Designed to fit easily in your pocket or handbag and to give off a subtle scent, medicating on the go has never been easier! A STIIIZY Pen Starter Kit combined with specialized pods produces an effective, health-conscious THC delivery system. STIIIZY is a brand you can trust no…



Spliffin might sound like what you do when you roll some weed and tobacco up together in a joint, but it’s also the name of Electro420Vapes’ most recent addition to our masterfully-curated list of award-winning products. Spliffin carries super strains like Snozzberry OG, Helio Jack, and Dante’s Fire, and the Spliffin wax pen can come with either rechargeable…



West Coast Cure typically provides the Los Angeles area with quality cannabis extracts, but we here at Electro420Vapes have found a way to bring their fantastic products to medical and recreational patients all across the state of California. Their award-winning pedigree has gained them a great deal of recognition. West Coast Cure cannabis…

Who We Are

The Only Name In Dispensary Delivery

Welcome to Electro420Vapes, California’s premium brand marijuana delivery service assisting patients from every corner of the state! Think of us as a mobile dispensary: we stock the finest concentrates, flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, and vaporizer cartridges on the market today and deliver them directly to your front door, eliminating the hassle and stresses of having to go to the store. Did you know that California has fewer than 400 licensed recreational shops for a population of over 40 million people? This means that there’s only a single store for every hundred thousand residents, a number falling far short of meeting everybody’s needs. Combine that with the fact that most. Californians live miles away from the closest emporium and you get Electro420Vapes’ marijuana online. Dispensary-quality products are just a click away!

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When you place your order, we work our hardest to get your medication to you as soon as possible. If you live in Los Angeles, Read More

Customers’ Feedback

Is Electro420Vapes legal?

Yes, our services are absolutely legal under California state law. For recreational patients, ID must be provided to show you are over the age of 21. For medical patients, proof of medical recommendation and 18+ ID is required to complete purchase.

How do I track my package?

You can track your package through the tracking information that is sent to your email upon checkout.

What are the hours of operation?


Is Electro420Vapes Licensed?

Yes, we are a fully licensed online cannabis collective under California State Law.

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